"I didn't create these dances as a choreographer,I choreographed these dances as a bartender, this is my signature. After a decade of original bardances it was time...

Welcome to Flaming Saddles... YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHERF*#KER!!!"


by Jacqui

Tambourine Man

Saturday night at tha Saddle, and it was packed… The snow stopped for a second , the temp rose to… anywhere above 4o, and the masses exited their apartments, with great outfits, great cologne, and great smiles!!!

Our Saloon was filled with an exciting energy… people visiting from San Fran, Austin, Nashville… I love talking to you all… and thank you for all the kind words!!!

Again standing at my usual spot , the end of the bar… I watch …

It is a pleasure to see everyone singing these country songs… the Bandits dancing and putting on the perfect balance of performanse and drink slinging… choreographed numbers as well as their freestyle…

And then the Tambourine… yes the Tambourine…

Eric, our very handsome, chisled jaw, blue eyed Bandit, gracefully mounts the bar… tambourine in hand… Continue reading

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