"I didn't create these dances as a choreographer,I choreographed these dances as a bartender, this is my signature. After a decade of original bardances it was time...

Welcome to Flaming Saddles... YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHERF*#KER!!!"

Oh Rambo !!!


One of our original Bandits, is loading up his wagon and hittin the trail…

Tom Rambo…Or as I like to call him just ” RAMBO”

He was hired before we opened the bar, and went through my 2 week boot camp with all the other original Bandits.

I have a great talent for interviewing and hiring staff. Rambo was no exception.I remember it we’ll…

He was quite , very polite and sooooooo handsome. His body was cut from stone, and he could bartend… I liked him from the second he walked in to Flaming Saddles.

Then the training began… we started to dance. The boys would come in everyday, and I would teach them the dances, and how I wanted them to move, and introduced them all to my style of dance ” Bardance ”

I lined the boys up, all so eager , ready to go…and there was Rambo …directly in front of me… He was in the same spot day after day…And day after day I taught and they danced. Rambo all the time directly in front of me …front and center…I referred to him as my dance partner. We all would dance, sweat, laugh… I still think these rehearsals were my favorite part of opening this bar.

The boys worked hard… And Rambo was no exception…

I knew he was not a trained dancer, but saw how much he loved to dance… and I must say that Dance loves him. He developed his own Rambo style that was exciting to watch and perfect for Flaming Saddle. He picked up the steps with ease and had a smile that was beaming from within…When Rambo dances, it is like the music plays through him… I think even he was surprised… I bet he never thought he would stay bartending at a country western saloon, dancing on the bar for the next 11 months… But that is exactly what he did.

Rambo, I still love to watch you dance on the bar (even Chris is known to say ” gotta admit, ya can’t take your eyes off the son of a gun!”)

I am greatful for all your hard work and dedication. I am proud of you and will always welcome you back to Flaming Saddles . Chris and I wish you all the love and happiness …

You will be missed…

God bless, God speed ..

Happy Trails…


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