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Happiness and Pride


I could not be happier…

We participated in the gay pride parade.I must say it was one of the most moving experiences of my life… To be a part of this parade was amazing and humbling

Chris and I,as well as all the boys were on our float. We had a white horse, bales of hay , and cowboy hats. It was a glorious sight… Chris DJ’d the whole route, getting the crowds going, and we had country music blaring… It was Flaming Saddles on wheels…. The crowd loved it, cheering, clapping and singing as we passed…

I want to thank our bandits ! Jonathan, Rambo, Kris, Steven, Russ, Dean, Vance, Gerald and Nate…They danced , hooted and hollered the whole way… Their excitement was contagious and their energy unsurpassed … Thank you..

We have just found out we are nominated for one of the 2012 NYC Pride March Awards…. Ceremony is July 26th…

We could not be more Happy Happy Happy and of course full of Pride!

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