"I didn't create these dances as a choreographer,I choreographed these dances as a bartender, this is my signature. After a decade of original bardances it was time...

Welcome to Flaming Saddles... YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHERF*#KER!!!"

Bandits to Bandits


So yes it is Sunday… The Saddle is hoppin!

But Yesterday I went to Randalls Island (for the 1st time ) to watch our softball teams season opener… So much fun… It was a double header, they lost one and Won one… I learned a lot about the game, but as usual I was distracted by our cute uniforms, and great butts lol, Chris played and looked great in the white baseball pants… just sayin!!!

Go Bandits!!!

We came back to the saddle , and got on the Harley…We parked it in front of Casellula and had dinner…they loved the bike… We love their food!!!

Then we went for a ride on the west side, and ended up at Hogs and Heiffers… I have not been their in a while, it was really fun… people  recognized me and I got many congratulations on opening Flaming Saddles… That is the very best compliment ,truly, and I thank you!!!

After a few drinks we got back on the bike, and started our trip back uptown… Well thats when the fun really began… We got caught in a fierce rain storm …that’s right…heavy rain and high winds…   there was nothing we could do but continue to ride… So we did…  Needles to say we were soaked to the bone and freezing cold but laughing… It still was so much fun, our adventures are always crazy but always fun…

We got back to the Saddle and it was packed, so great to see… Everyone was having such a good time, love that!

The boys were putting on a fabulous show , while seamlessly slinging drinks…

Smiling …I went  to get warm and put on dry clothes, realizing I was ending my day the same way I started..

Happy and grateful, saying the same 2 words…



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